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The Russian/Mongolian SWAY Flat Weft will ensure ultimate comfort and discretion which can be applied using braiding, micro ring and sewing techniques. Our exclusive SWAY Weft design will guarantee the perfect volume and thickness while offering versatility to your client with little to no shedding.

– 60 grams
– 11.5/12.5 inches in width
– Up to 2 inches cutting room
– Exclusive Flat Weft Design
– Little or No Shedding

*Please note that due to a redesign the width of the base weft may vary up to 1-inch dependent on shade, 11.5/12.5 inches in width.

  • Jet Black 1
  • Natural Black 1B
  • Dark Ash Brown 5
  • Light Chestnut Brown 6
  • Natural Ash Blonde 20
  • Sandy Blonde 60
  • Honey Blonde 613
  • Pure Platinum 60A
  • Ash Blondette 7/20
  • Beach Ash Blonde 9/613
  • Beach Blonde 18/22
  • Hollywood Blonde 18/613
  • Sunkissed Brown 8/10
  • Blondette 4/27
  • LA Blonde 613/24
  • Chestnut Brown Mix 4/6
  • Rooted Nutmeg R2/6/27
  • Rooted Sunkissed Brown R2/8/10
  • Rooted Beach Ash Blonde R5/9/613
  • Rooted Ash Blondette R5/7/20
  • Rooted Pure Platinum R2/60A
  • Rooted Silver Ash

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The Seamless Weft is designed as a one-piece flat weft, if you wish to customise the Seamless Flat Weft we would highly recommend the ‘Easy Track’ Weft Sealer to ensure the cut design is resealed to avoid shedding. The cutting of the Seamless Flat Weft may compromise the performance of the product and would be at the discretion of the stylist.

  • DO NOT tone or colour the Seamless Flat Weft
  • DO NOT use a Silver or Purple Shampoo on the Seamless Flat Weft
  • DO NOT use Sulphate based products on the Seamless Flat Weft

As of 01/02/2020 we will be integrating our new 18″ and 22″ with up to 20% thicker ratio, once the 20″ and 24″ is out of stock this will be replenished by our new products


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Jet Black 1, Natural Black 1B, Darkest Brown 2, Chestnut Brown 4, Dark Ash Brown 5, Light Chestnut Brown 6, Mocha Brown 8, Rooted Hollywood Ash Blonde R5/18A/613A, Natural Ash Blonde 20, Auburn 30, Sandy Blonde 60, Honey Blonde 613, Pure Platinum 60A, Ash Blondette 7/20, Beach Ash Blonde 9/613, Beach Blonde 18/22, Hollywood Blonde 18/613, Hollywood Ash Blonde 18A/613A, Silver Ash Blonde (60A/Silver), Sunkissed Brown 8/10, Champagne Chestnut 8/22, Blondette 4/27, Chestnut Blonde Mix 6/24, LA Blonde 613/24, Chestnut Brown Mix 4/6, Rooted Nutmeg R2/6/27, Mochaccino Melt R2/6/24, Rooted Chestnut Brown Mix R2/4/6, Rooted Sunkissed Brown R2/8/10, Rooted Beach Ash Blonde R5/9/613, Rooted Ash Blondette R5/7/20, Rooted Pure Platinum R2/60A, Rooted Silver Ash


18", 20", 22"